domingo, 22 de marzo de 2009


Hi Everyone,

Soon I will terminate publishing this blog as the purpose for which it was created is not working.

Thanks to those who cared.

jueves, 5 de marzo de 2009

Latest News

Hello everybody!!!

Yesterday was Raquel`s birthday! Sweet xx cannot tell or I get whipped!! Anyway she is looking great for her age. Taking Zumba lessons and all. So I have to continue to go to the Gym to keep up.
Mark called last night from Los Angeles. He is doing well (I hope)......
Have not heard from anyone else yet. Log into this blog and keep everyone in the family informed.
You will not believe that we have had only one week of sunshine since Dec. 6 2008. Climate is truly changing!
Well, that is all for now....see you all later.

jueves, 26 de febrero de 2009

Hi to all....Today is a wonderful day here in the land of (finally) sunshine! It seems that we will have an early summer!
Rafael,called and he may want to spend a few days in our home in Florida,but it is not sure yet.
We anticipate travelling to Florida by end of March if we can finish our busuness here on the island.
A lot of big plans ahead for the near future because I am plenning a new business adventure and seeking possible sites. My business plan is already finished and now I need to contact a Commercial Artist to draw up the artists conception of the facilities. ( I think that IAm still in my twenties and refuse to think old)! Take after mother who was 50 at 90!!

Have not heard from any one else but Tiffany. Thanks Tiff Im sure that you are excited in your new home.
God Bless you all!
Chiao for now.

domingo, 22 de febrero de 2009

Notas de Familia


Espero que todos aprendan un poco de Español! Pero si nó, pues it´s ok we can try both or Spanglish! It may be fun.

Through this medium I hope to keep all the family informed about each other and of our activities from home base.

Mark finally left the cold country and is now in Los Angeles starting a new adventure,it see,s all is well since he sent me a picture that I will not publish here.
Celia is also in the city of Angels and has a faboulous job with a brewing company,try vinos Celia!
Tiffany has been moving to her new home which is beautiful! Campbell will be happy in her new evironment and can roam at will in that big house. Now there will be room for Jr?
Rafael just called from Seattle and expects to be home in Monroe next week.
We are still in Puerto Rico and weather is starting to pick up real nice, so we are resuming our daily one hour walks with Ali , our dog who thinks he is human! He has his Service dog certificate and can travel with us in the cabin. Loves to wath the clouds throgh the planes window.
We anticipate returning to Florida sometime in March or early April. Then we have to get busy to furnishing the house so everyone can visit.
Soon I will be publishing lots of pictures . So do not forget to write and include news from your side.